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Alphabetimals - A Dictionary of Animal Sounds

Alphabetimals is a nice website on which you will find some nice resources for helping young children learn the alphabet. The primary feature of Alphabetimals is a dictionary of animals and the sounds that they make. On the Alphabetimals dictionary page kids can find a handful of animals listed for each letter of the alphabet. When students click on a letter they hear the sounds made by the animal in the picture. Clicking on the letter a second time will give students the audio pronunciation of the animal pictured.

Another neat feature of Alphabetimals is the name typer. In the name typer kids can use the Alphabetimals characters to spell out any word that they like. Just type in the word and it will be displayed with the Alphabetimals characters. You can then print out the Alphabetimaltized (yes, I just made up that term) version of the word. Alphabetimals also offers free printable flashcards, an alphabet poster, and alphabet coloring pages.

Alphabetimals is funded by sales of Alphabetimals products like posters and tee shirts. For every product purchased they donate a book to Books for Africa.

Applications for Education
Alphabetimals offers some nice little resources to help you help children learn the alphabet. For folks like me who are not artistically inclined, the option to type a word and print it in an alphabetimalized version could be a nice way to print and display vocabulary words in your elementary school classroom.
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